Art Text 2

Developer: Belight Software, ltd

Current Version: 2.5.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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This is an outdated version of Art Text
OS X 10.10 and 10.11 users should consider buying Art Text 3
Art Text 3 is available with special 40% discount until the end of May, 2016

Art Text is a layer-based design application for turning text into art and creating logos, application icons, web graphics, and buttons. With Art Text you will get professional results without the steep learning curve of Photoshop or Illustrator.

Some ideas for using Art Text:

● Catchy headings for promotional brochures and fliers.
● Unique titles for Keynote presentations
● Icon for an upcoming iPhone/iPad application
● Logo for a new business venture
● Web graphics for a client's site

360 Customizable Templates

The Template Gallery in Art Text comes packed with over 360 fully customizable templates for headings, buttons, icons, and logos. When in need of a quick solution, simply choose a template, shape it to your needs, and enjoy the results.

Work with Vector Graphics

The library of over 600 vector icons and shapes gives you a full palette for designing a company logo or graphic for the web. You can also import vector artwork in EPS format or use the powerful Vector Editor to create shapes from scratch.

Materials, Textures, and Fills

You can give design elements any look you want in Art Text. The collection of 250 materials give objects a realistic metal, glass, or plastic look that can easily be customized using the super easy parameters or the advanced Material Editor.

A texture is basically an image file that you can use to fill a shape or text. In addition to the 190 included textures, you can import your favorite images in the most widespread formats. This can be a great way to frame and add fun captions to beloved photos.

Art Text can also give letters and objects a radial or linear gradient fill with up to three colors. Add a gradient, stroke, and shadow to text to get some striking typography.

Bend and Warp Text

Bring text to life using 24 adjustable vector transformations and Bezier splines. Wrap text around objects or just give it a unique look that stands out.


Release Notes:

- Fixed the problem with Glow applied to Custom shapes.
- Minor bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.4.9
Review by nosillacast

I have no artistic talent but Art Text makes it look like I do! - I’ve been using Art Text for a while now to create logos and application icons and all kinds of other sillier stuff. I have no right brain whatsoever, but Art Text lets me look like i do. The interface is really non-standard so it takes some getting used to. For example when you open a blank document it has a text layer. If you tap on the geometry tab it instantly changes that text to a shape. I expect it to create a new layer with an object rather than change what I already had. Luckily you can back out by flipping back to text. I had trouble getting used to going to the geometry tab to find the handles for objects and text but after using it for a while I’ve finally gotten used to that oddity too.

Found helpful by 13 out of 13 people
Version 2.4.9
Review by CaptainSoftee

Completely unusable - I’m not sure what’s up with this program, it worked first when I used it a year or so ago but it continually freezes up and then does random actions. I only recently tried to use it again because they said there was an update, but even after deleting all related files and reinstalling, this program is only good for elevating my blood pressure. On a 2012 2.9 i7 MBP with 8 gb ram, so I doubt it’s my setup.

Found helpful by 14 out of 23 people