Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game

Developer: Tinman Learning

Current Version: 1.0.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 39.7 MB - Download


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***** This app, the free full version of The Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game challenges a wide variety of ages. It is designed to improve accuracy and speed when doing addition and subtraction skills. Got 2+2 down...and 13-7...ok. Quickly, what is 42+78? ...ok,now try... 93-27? Children can select their level: random ones&ones, tens&ones, and tens&tens questions. The player answers questions in an exciting 3D environment that is absent of life meters or punishment for failure. Encouraging words follow each answer and positive feedback is given at the end of each level.

Math skills come before arcade skills in Tinman Learning games. You will see asteroids being blasted in this game. A child is not rewarded for blasting these obstacles. Moreover, they are not punished if they run into them. The obstacles only serve to provide a light game element to keep children engaged in the subject matter.

The Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game is an effective tool for students, parents, and teachers. Column method tutorials are provided. I know that there are other methods that are taught-- particularly for subtraction. Children are asked within the game to keep an open mind about other methods which are beyond the scope of the game.

*(Subtraction and addition methods can be complex, so please sit down with your child to help them go through the tutorials if they need help.)


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Version 1.0.0
Review by Serene SoCal Gal

Wasted - App stuck on first screen.

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Version 1.0.0
Review by Lohan9995

nice graphics, but doesn't meet the purpose - as so many other math games, it is totally unrealistic. When confronted with a math problem, you don't get to choose among options, you need to determine the exact answer. All these games are just a waste of time.

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Version 1.0.0
Review by DyanTeacher

My Students Love It - I teach third grade this year. My students love this game. It never hurts to focus on core math skills. This game also includes tutorials for parents/guardians to help teach children traditional addition and subtraction skills using traditional math methods that parents/guardians are familiar with. (Not “new math.” I don’t want to debate that issue here.) What I love about the game is that there is no punishment for failure. Students are simply given a chance to try again. Each question has several possible answers, so students are going to have a hard time guessing. Various levels of play are offered. The 10s can be challenging— even for adults. We installed the game on all the elementary school computers. There is an iPad version as well that requires students to tilt the iPad left and right. I enjoy watching the students move and play, instead sit and click. At any rate, this desktop version has been a good addition to our toolbelt of software.

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