Area 52

Developer: Junglevision Software

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 61.4 MB - Download


Aliens are invading! They have already overrun the secret earth defense facility at Area 52, and have been using their mind control chambers to influence leaders in Washington. Your mission: go to Area 52, destroy the aliens and save mankind before the invaders complete their plan to enslave the human race.

Full 3D animated characters.

Ten fun levels of casual gaming action.

Flexible character action using Junglevision's proprietary ACIE (Advanced Character Interaction Engine) Perform actions and movements never before seen in games like this, such as: climbing up, over and under fences, walls, ledges, and poles. Perform hand over hand movements while hanging on wires, or scoot along ledges. If all else fails, crawl, punch and shoot your way to victory.

Designed and programmed by classic game creator, Cathryn Mataga.