Araxis Find Duplicate Files

Developer: Araxis Ltd

Current Version: 2013.433

Last Updated: 24 days ago

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Araxis Find Duplicate Files is a delightfully easy to use app that helps you locate, view and manage files that have identical content, regardless of name. It can be especially useful if you have large Pictures, Downloads or Documents folders.


‣ Fast and robust identification of files with duplicate content
‣ Scan multiple folders in one go
‣ Optionally restrict scanning to particular file types (e.g. .wav, mp3, etc.)
‣ Works with network shares, as well as internal and external disk volumes
‣ Straightforward and flexible results display: ‘All scanned items’, ‘All occurrences of items with duplicates’, ‘The first occurrence of each duplicated item’, ‘The other occurrences of each duplicated item’, ‘Items without duplicates’
‣ Built-in preview of selected items and their duplicates
‣ Quick Look support
‣ Send selected duplicates to Trash, or move them to another location preserving their folder hierarchy
‣ Last resort ‘Put Back’ capability for moved items
‣ OS X Lion/Mountain Lion fullscreen support
‣ OS X Lion/Mountain Lion resume (when enabled on the OS X ‘General’ tab)
‣ Save scan results to a text file
‣ Process found items with an external application
‣ Retina display support
‣ Comprehensive online help
‣ Fully supported by real human beings – use the support link on the right of the Mac App Store page


1. Your data is important, so please be sure to read and understand the cautions in the ‘Using Araxis Find Duplicate Files’ topic in the online help before you delete any files.

2. If you have any questions about Araxis Find Duplicate Files, or if you require support, please contact Araxis using the support link in the Mac App Store.

3. If you are prompted for a serial number when you run Araxis Find Duplicate Files, you are probably inadvertently running a version of the application downloaded from the Araxis website, and not the version you have bought from the Mac App Store. To resolve this, quit Araxis Find Duplicate Files, delete all the copies of Araxis Find Duplicate Files from your machine, and then re-install from the Mac App Store.

4. Note that Araxis Find Duplicate Files only considers files to be duplicates if the file content is completely identical. Thus, for example, audio or image files with differing metadata would not be considered to be duplicates.

5. If you encounter problems deleting files using Araxis Find Duplicate Files, check that your disk volume does not have errors. To do this, run Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility, select your disk volume, and choose the ‘First Aid’ tab. Then click the ‘Verify Disk’ button.


Release Notes:

‣ The application no longer incorrectly reports that there is insufficient disk space when copying files on 32-bit machines running OS X v10.6.8 Snow Leopard.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2012.374
Review by samuelluther

Slower than Gemini but more cautious and informative. - This program competes with Gemini as a deduping program. (Some of the free and one-dollar programs are highly unreliable and non-selective. Make sure the located duplicates are not only of the same size but the same date. Araxis will hunt down music folders but doesn't offer an option to search specifically for certain audio files (.wav, mp3, .mp4, aiff, aac, etc.). And it's not speedy. But it's stable (no crashes) and cautious in its approach. The more expensive Gemini (recently reduced in price) is a more powerful, "dedicated" music deduper that, like this one, offers the possibility of dragging in folders from external hard drives. If you have hard drives with various files, both Araxis and Gemini would be good choices. Gemini is for people in a hurry and who are willing to trust the program. Araxis is for those who have personally recorded files that they want to be absolutely sure about before deletion. There are times you'll use one or the other--and times when you'll use both. (Liten and Song Remover are exampes of programs that are underpowered and highly unreliable.) Tune-up is a good program but more expensive--and not as useful with external hard drives. I may eventually go to it for iTunes library restoration. Song Sweeper is comparable in price and performance, but Tune-Up backs up the hype with a visible support expert, who seems both engaged and conscientious.

Found helpful by 30 out of 31 people
Version 2011.200
Review by RTTHOR

Does not seem to work - Well, just purchased this with the hope of finding and deleting all the duplicate music files in my music folder. Buy it. Select the music folder. Check the "all files", and away we go. Finds some dupliate album art. But all the duplicate songs are still there. Tried again, and again, with every permutation of checked boxes. No luck. What a total waste of $15.

Found helpful by 12 out of 23 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2013.433
Review by joblowski

Very useful, but archaic interface - I use this a lot and am glad to have it since I eventually get done what I need to get done. But the interface needs a HUGE improvement before you could call it intuitive or fast. I don't think it'd take much to make the dupe comparison way better or even a bit visual. I find the "thumbnail window" which shows you your selected duplicates at the bottom to be particularly annoying and confusing.

Found helpful by 8 out of 10 people
Version 2013.433
Review by Voight Kampf

Delete by location: great feature - Lots of duplicate file finders let you compare pairs of files one at a time. Frequently, I want to delete any copy of a file at a certain location. This app lets me sort the duplicate files by location and choose all the files in particular folders to be removed. Other apps require me to individually choose the file to delete, or auto select for me, with no preference in file path. For this feature, this app is superior in this use.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2013.433
Review by DrBobRolph

Cannot automate - I tried this program on a directory containing 635,000 files. It took a while, but then I got the results. There were 393,000 duplicates. This is too many to go through by hand, so I told it to Save Item List. I would then write a program to read the file and delete the ones I don’t want. When I opened the file, I found that all the critical information (specifically the Hash and the last modified date) were not there. The file contains a list of file names. They are not grouped to show whick are duplicates. The file is useless. I tried to use the program’s GUI, bit the list of files is small (less than 30% of the screen height). The information is there, but the GUI is too slow. I tried selecting a single file. I have completed my review and the GUI still has not finished. If the displayed information was included in the save file, this would be a good program.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 2013.433
Review by wwward

Handles millions of files without crashing, so few programs scale so well. - Performance is fast, even as the number of files stretches into the millions. Reliable, easy to use, and makes cleaning up thousands of duplicates a snap. Selection permits identifying files without duplicates, making comparisons between two media libraries easy, particularly when looking for files that may have gone missing from a current iPhoto or Aperture library copy. It is a joy to find software that is well-written, to the point, and consistently reliable. So many programs are built on poor data structures that fall apart under the weight of large data sets.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 2013.433
Review by sixoseven

Best I Ever Used - I keep about 7TB of data on my home network. It didn't get there overnight. I have probably put together and taken apart a dozen machines over the past 6 years, recovered disk crashes, backed up and moved stuff between machines. Typically, I hear funny noises and copy a user's stuff ASAP onto a machine I trust. As you can guess it generates lots of duplcate. Music, pictures and documents. Araxis is the best deduplicator I've ever used. It's fast, it's accurate and huge numbers don't daunt it. Just this weekend I dumped about 800GB from two different external hard drives ino a new 3TB drive. On one those drives, there were 250,000 files. FDF found 130,000 duplicates. Didn’t hiccup. Just blew through the whole thing.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people