Developer: Giuseppe Cigala

Current Version: 1.10

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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Applicons is a simple and fast utility that allow you generate all the icons/iconset needed for OS X and iOS development (Mac, iPhone and iPad).

“Rounded corners” and “Drop shadow” effects.
Create the .icns file.
The image is resized (1024 px at 72 dpi) if it’s too large/small.
Export your icon as PNG/TIFF/JPEG/JP2/BMP/GIF file format;

iPhone application icons:

40x40 px ([email protected])
60x60 px ([email protected])
58x58 px ([email protected])
87x87 px ([email protected])
80x80 px ([email protected])
120x120 px ([email protected])
120x120 px ([email protected])
180x180 px ([email protected])
512x512 px (iTunesArtwork)
1024x1024 px ([email protected])

iPad application icons:

20x20 px (Notification)
40x40 px ([email protected])
29x29 px (Settings)
58x58 px ([email protected])
40x40 px (Spotlight)
80x80 px ([email protected])
76x76 px (AppIcon)
152x152 px ([email protected])
167x167 px ([email protected])
512x512 px (iTunesArtwork)
1024x1024 px ([email protected])

Mac application icons:

16x16 px (icon_16x16)
32x32 px ([email protected])
32x32 px (icon_32x32)
64x64 px ([email protected])
128x128 px (icon_128x128)
256x256 px ([email protected])
256x256 px (icon_256x256)
512x512 px ([email protected])
512x512 px (icon_512x512)
1024x1024 px ([email protected])


Release Notes:

Ready for iOS 10 / macOS 10.12


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Brandt Dary

Saved me TONS of time - This app was just what I was looking for. I searched for "Rounded Corners" because I had the app icons, but I wanted to make them have rounded corners. This app did the trick. 2 Suggestions: Allow me to drop in a 512 x 512 icon ( I know it's not the ideal quality, but for some older apps… it's all I had, and I didn't (for now) want to make newer images) Allow export of the 512 and 1024 sized graphics with rounded corners. Currently, they are only exported in 'iTunes Artwork' format…

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people
Version 1.8
Review by Macthony

Squeezed images - All images (png. and jpg.) images are coming in squeezed and leaving (exported) squeezed…the app is not re-sizing the images correctly.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people