App Academy: Xcode Edition

Developer: Polemics Applications LLC

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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App Academy by Polemics Applications is your source for learning to program iPhone and iPad apps using the current version of Xcode. Our easy to use interface features a navigation menu and easy to follow instructions on how to program specific functions into your apps. 37 tutorials with pictures and simple step by step procedures let you program without prior experience. Flash cards and a term glossary help you get the Xcode and Objective C language down fast.

Topics range from how to create a storyboard to the basics of computer programming with if-then statements, loops and arrays. We handle both the visual aspects of your app as well as whats going on behind the scenes. If your try it and it's still not working right you can download our code snippets tool and just copy paste our code directly into Xcode. If it still won't work for you- email us any time, we are happy to assist on any problems you have with our tutorials.

Note: 18 of our tutorials now have complete project binary to download. Just tap a button and we give you a .zip with fully functional code.

Tutorials include:
Getting Started
The Xcode Interface
Your First App
Buttons / Segues
Table View / Navigation
Tab Bar Controller
Scroll View
Swipe Gestures
Writing Code
Web Views
Sound Files
Switch Objects
Text Field
Image Zooming
Picker Views
Random Numbers
Segmented Controls
iPad Split View
iPad Storyboards
Dynamic Prototype Tables
Passing Data
Text Colors
Command Lines
IBOutlet and IBAction
Integers and Float
Common Errors


Release Notes:

Updated for iOS8,
New Storyboard Tutorial with Auto layout, now have complete control of your user interface and never have a stray button or label causing you grief. Auto layout will save you precious development time and keep your apps looking great as Apple continues to update the iOS platform.