Developer: Eric Dejonckheere

Current Version: 1.5

Last Updated: 15 hours ago

Download Size: 8.6 MB - Download


Apero is a macOS client for pnut.io, the free, invite-only social network (https://pnut.io).

With Apero you have all the power of a Mac app dedicated to pnut.io!

All the pnut.io features are supported by Apero: public posts, private messages, chatrooms, follow/mute/block, embedding images and gifs, mentions, threads, links, star, repost, etc, everything is here!

The main window displays either the Global, Home or Mentions streams. Additionally, you can open as many other windows as you need: PMs, user profiles, conversations, rooms, etc.

**Important: you must have a pnut account in order to use Apero, this is mandatory.**

Pnut.io is a young network and Apero is a young application. Both will enjoy many updates and upgrades in the future, with many new exciting features to come!

Note that Apero is compatible with macOS 10.11 but for a better experience we recommend using macOS 10.12+.

You can discover all Apero features and options in the FAQ (https://github.com/ericdke/apero-docs/blob/master/FAQ.md) and see Apero's evolution in the Changelog (https://github.com/ericdke/apero-docs/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md).

Support: contact the @apero account on pnut or send an email to apero@aya.io (see the FAQ).


Release Notes:

- Image upload! You can now use your pnut.io storage to upload images and gifs in your posts and messages with Apero.
- Translate! a post in Apero or in browser. Automatic language detection or manual selection.
- Icons! instead of text for these buttons: Global, Home, Mentions, New post, New message, Refresh List.
- Themes! Save and recall your custom set of colors for Apero's interface. Includes a list of default themes.
- When replying, Apero can now insert the text cursor after the leading mention or after all mentions (default: after leading).
- Most right-click actions are now also available for swipe actions. Select your favorite ones in Preferences.
- The Preferences window now uses tabs to separate categories (Theme, Interface, Streams, Other).
- The Interactions window now polls for new items regularly.
- The username completion popup now uses the same theme (dark/light) as the other windows.
- No duplicate writing boxes. Apero enforces that a new writing box cannot be created if the existing one is still opened.
- The pnut.io login page has been simplified and Apero's login window has been adapted to the new layout.
- Added accessibility labels for most of the app controls.
- Added an "open image" item in the context menu when the message/post has an image. Alternative to double-click.
- Fixed: in some cases, GIFs could fail to be released from memory when closing a window.
- Fixed: a user profile could be downloaded twice instead of once when clicking on a mention.
- Fixed: control-click wasn't available as a replacement for right-click to call the context menu.
- Fixed: the avatar tooltip doesn't show the follow status anymore if the user is yourself.
- Fixed: disabling "Timeline sticks to top" still sticked the timeline to top for some users.