Developer: Eric Dejonckheere

Current Version: 1.4.1

Last Updated: 12 days ago

Download Size: 6.8 MB - Download


Apero is a macOS client for pnut.io, the social network.

With Apero you have all the power of a Mac app dedicated to pnut.io!

All the pnut.io features are supported by Apero: public posts, private messages, chatrooms, follow/mute/block, images and gifs, mentions, links, star, repost, etc, everything is here!

The main window displays either the Global, Home or Mentions streams. Additionally, you can open as many other windows as you need: PMs, user profiles, conversations, rooms, etc.

**Important: you must have a pnut account in order to use Apero, this is mandatory.**

Pnut.io is a young network and Apero is a young application. Both will enjoy many updates and upgrades in the future, with many new exciting features to come!

Note that Apero is compatible with macOS 10.11 but for a better experience we recommend using macOS 10.12.


Release Notes:

Fixed: lag when scrolling. It's now blazing fast!
New: menus and shortcuts to change the font size and to switch UI mode

Fixed: blurry text in the Interactions window
Fixed: get Interactions for a reposted post
Fixed: vertically resizing the followers/followings windows