Anime Studio Debut

Developer: Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Current Version: 8.2.2

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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***This version of Anime Studio Debut supports OS X versions below 10.9. For those running OS X 10.9 and above, Anime Studio Debut 11 is recommended.***

***Thank you for your interest in Anime Studio Debut, should you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us through the support button on the right.***

Bring your imagination to life! Anime Studio is your complete animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime or cut out animations. Create your own desktop animated shorts, or use it to produce animations for film, video or streaming over the web. Get started quickly with the Beginner’s Mode. Create your own custom characters using the built-in Character Wizard and convert your existing paper drawings into ready-to-animate vector images with one click. Draw your own artwork using built-in brushes, import digital photos, add sound and video, and choose from pre-designed characters or create your own and make them talk using integrated lip-synching. The revolutionary bone rigging system makes animating fast and an efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation.

√ Create Your Own Art or Import Ready-to-Go Content
With loads of included content, you'll be creating your own cartoons in no time. Anime Studio has everything you need to get started fast, with endless possibilities of customizable characters, hundreds of props, scenery, backgrounds and more.

√ It's the Lowest Cost Way to Learn Animation
If you've ever been interested in animation, but can't afford to spend an arm and a leg on expensive software and content, Anime Studio Debut is the perfect product for you.

√ Create Custom Characters in Seconds
Anime Studio's new Character Wizard makes creating your own characters a snap. Create endless possibilities of characters in seconds. From cut-out to jib jab to Anime, this powerful toolset has the variety you need to keep your animations fresh

√ Bring Your Artwork to Life with Automatic Image Tracing!
Bring your sketches and photos to life with Anime Studio's new Automatic Image Tracing tool. Just import a scanned image or photograph, select "Trace Image", and your art instantly becomes editable within Anime Studio!

√ Animate Quickly With Bones
Once you've created your characters, you can use Anime Studio's bone tools to animate them. Just click-and-drag to overlay a skeleton onto your characters, then move the bones to animate in seconds.

√ Easily Make Characters Talk with Automatic Lip Syncing
You can easily make characters talk with Anime Studio's lip syncing feature. Instantly record sound clips within Anime Studio, or import existing sound files to bring your animations to life.

√ Learn Animation Basics with In-App Help Files
The included videos and sample files help you maximize Anime Studio's powerful features and get you animating right away. There is also a comprehensive User Guide and Quick Start Guide included with Anime Studio.

√ Training Videos & Tutorials Expand Your Skills
For the newest users, Anime Studio Debut includes video tutorials to help get you started. There are also lots of videos and tutorials available online.

√ Get Anime Studio Debut Today!
• Create complex shapes and sketch in any style with enhanced drawing tools
• Apply a cut-out style effect to any character or object
• Beginner's Mode helps you start animating right away
• Incorporate sound clips with integrated audio recording and automatic lip-syncing
• Combine your animation with audio and video elements
• Apply cartoon effects to any image or video
• Integrate special effects such as motion blur and shadows
• Track, zoom and roll the camera
• Access the Content Library for hundreds of ready-to-use characters, props, scenes and more
• Pen tablet support simulates drawing on paper
• Built-in tutorials and sample files get you up and running quickly
• Import Quicktime®, AVI or MPEG-4 video
• Export your animations in SWF, AVI or MOV format


Release Notes:

• Updated Character Wizard lets you design your own ready-to-animate characters complete with walk cycles, expressions and more.
• Enhanced Drawing Tools allow you to create complex shapes quickly by eliminating the need for precise drawing and gives you the freedom to sketch as you desire.
• Wacom Multi-Touch support allows you to use Wacom’s new generation touch tablets with Anime Studio.
• Smart Tool Palette provides a less cluttered interface and combines specific tools.
• Workflow improvements to repetitive tasks will help user productivity.
• The Text Input Enhancement allows for greater flexibility in specifying font, line width, color, kerning, and more.
• Use built-in Word Balloons in your animations.
• Undo/Redo Enhancement allows undo/redo of layers now too.
• Key Frame Hold Duration allows you to hold the duration of a particular key frame as long as you want.
• Assign colors to layers in the layers palette, helping you keep track of layers that relate to each other in some way.
• Assign colors to keyframes in the timeline, to help keep track of animation sequences that relate to each other.
• Updated documentation and tutorials gets users started faster.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 8.0.1
Review by theclay

So far so good! - I just got this the other day in hopes of an easier way to accomplish an animation project I've been working on. I have no formal training in animating and have been teaching myself how to do it over the past few months. I had previously been using an unstable frame by frame program that I downloaded for free. I am currently going through the tutorial on Anime Studio and I can already tell that this is exactly what I was looking for! The instructions are clear and the tools make it easy to get your desired effect. Certainly worth the $30. If you've ever wanted to animate but didn't know where to start the answer is right here.

Found helpful by 78 out of 90 people
Version 8.0.1
Review by Applerulsz

HELP!!!!! - I Downloaded It And It Wont Open It.. It Says Its "BROKEN" Pleaseee Fix This… I Dont Feel Like Blowing $30!!!!!!!!

Found helpful by 13 out of 16 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 8.2.2
Review by tkoastin

crashes constantly - I have a MacBook air. I cant get anywhere learning the program because it constantly crashes. I just bought this app and then discovered it is not the latest version. Will it be updated?

Found helpful by 6 out of 10 people
Version 8.2.2
Review by LLLLL8

I am learning slowly - It works but it takes so long to learn. The already made characters should be diverse. I would only expect to pay 20 bucks. It is not work 40 though. Perhaps the makers could make the ui friendlier. Also they should include more charters (some aisian, black, smanish etc.). I am disapointed.

Found helpful by 5 out of 15 people
Version 8.2.2
Review by Stinky1593

Working though the App slowly but frustrated - This app has excellent graphics and gives a broad range of preset characters to work with. However, it is difficult to have more than two characters at the same time on the screen, otherwise they jump all over the place. Many of the presets do not work as indicated in the tutorial or simply do not exist. For example, when choosing a character from the wizard there is no choice of motion other than still or walking even thought the tutorial states by pressing "action" you have a choice of walking, jumping, still,etc.. There is no "action". I have found that the tutorial announcer speaks too fast and assumes I know as much as he. Slow down and assume I'm a dummie,please! He makes everything seem simple but when following the tutorial in real time it performs differently. I hope a more user friendly version will come along soon that actually matches the tutorial.

Found helpful by 49 out of 58 people
Version 8.2.2
Review by Blotus

OK. Some of the functonality is a bit weird and the UI seems very dated - I am assuming that this is an old product that was just thrown up on the app store to make some extra cash. It works, and the learning curve in not too high, but there are a number of odd things in the way it functions. For example: Once you create an object and get it set up, you can’t go back and fix things. The settings/menu options just disapear.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 8.2.2
Review by Kittyrainboom

stuck - I have a MacBookPro. Im stuck with the default! Its so annoying!I want my money back:(

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people