Anaglyph Workshop

Developer: Sandy Knoll Software, LLC

Current Version: 2.9.3

Last Updated: 8 months ago

Download Size: 4.5 MB - Download


Create Anaglyphs From Single Pictures.

Create Anaglyphs From Dual Image Pairs. Handles Left/Right image pairs and single images that contain side-by-side pictures. Can also open .MPO files.

Create Anaglyphs From Depthmaps. Add a hidden image to any photograph.

Create Anaglyphs From a Sequence of Single Image or From Sequence of Dual Pair Images.

Batch processing of dual pair images, side by side images and .mpo files.

Create Holmes Cards. Create 4"x6" Homes Cards.


Release Notes:

[New] Added the ability to invert a selection on the single image form.
[New] Added the ability to clear the selection on the single image form.
[New] The single image form now has the ability to convert a selection to a solid color. This is for use in making depth maps.
[New] Added hot-keys for loading and saving a selection on the single image form.
[New] Added the ability to undo the last convert on the single image form.
[New] Added the ability to send the converted single image along with the original image to the depthmap form.
[Fix] Fixed an issue with the dual image form crashing while trying to open a single image.
[New] Clicking on the slider values on the Dual Image form now brings up a window for entering a value instead of just setting the value to zero.
[New] The Dual Images form can now choose the amount of compression used to save images, when applicable.
[New] The Dual Images form will now show a ... graphic while waiting for the conversion to take place.
[New] The Dual Images form is now resizable.
[New] Added the ability to blur the depthmap on the hidden depthmap form.
[New] The depthmap form is now resizable.
[New] The Holmes Card form is now resizable.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.3.1
Review by Mister Burns

simplifies making anaglyphs - makes anaglyph files from both .mpo files and seperate images.. To make an anaglyph from an mpo: select "Dual Images", and select "Open Dual Picture (.mpo)". You can then find the file, or drag the mpo into that window. It is not the greatest interface, but it works. Don't be an early adopter of technology if you expect a product with polished workflow handed to you on a platter! Why didn't you just return your camera since Fuji's software doesn't offer a way to deal with mpo files? This program has a range of tools, and has enabled me to make anaglyphs by adjusting the alignment on stereo images made with seperate cameras, as well as to make anaglyphs out of my mpo files. I am still waiting for a better way to work with this new format, but, in the meantime... thanks, Sandy Knoll Software!

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people
Version 2.3.1
Review by User985

Not ready for primetime - I was hoping to use this to create anaglyphs using MPO files from my Fuji 3D camera ... after all, it says in the description of this app that it will open MPO files. Maybe so, but I can't figure out how to do it ... and the "help" file and support website are useless. This is one of the worst user interfaces I have ever seen in a commercial product.

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people