Americans VS Aliens

Developer: Kevin Christy

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 12 months ago

Download Size: 52.6 MB - Download


No 1 app in Switzerland, Senegal, Estonia, Romania and United Arab Emirates.
Earth is being invaded by Aliens. In this arcade action style game.
The UFO ships are dropping Aliens in your town. They appeared out of nowhere into thin air.
Photo realistic graphics enhance the battle scenes.
Drive your auto geared Humvee around town and hunt down these space aliens before they take over our star system.These monsters deserve all your attention, Drive fast and escape the big Alien spraying dirt in its face.
The mother ships are relentless almost addicted in dumping there load into your town.
Race your American humvee like a cowboy rounding up cattle.
Bang into the buildings to turn quicker or use the hand brake style turns that come with the Humvee.
They came together but divide and conquer them to save the planet.
Come on you can blast them back to kingdom come.

Use your driving skills to drive close and blast them with your laser before its too late.

Will you put all that driving skill to good use?

Can you save the American people from an Alien Invasion?


Release Notes:

The best game by age for driving and escaping aliens! New scenery at high resolution, Smoother gameplay, New camera positions. Improved scenery layout.
Ability to receive reviews only from Germans it would seem!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.0
Review by JesseClark01

Don't Waste Your Money - One of the worst apps I've ever bought here. Yeah, it looks nice, but you can only control the Humvee with the arrow keys (not ASWD) and you need the mouse to aim and fire. In other words, you have to be left-handed to enjoy this game, which I guess is only annoying to, say, 95% of the planet. Speaking of aiming and firing, its pretty much impossible. You have about a 359 degree blindspot (you can only shoot directly forward) and you can't aim up in any capacity, which is a real bummer when you're trying to fight FLYING SAUCERS. I guess that explains why Earth lost the war.

Found helpful by 24 out of 25 people