Developer: Bloop S.R.L.

Current Version: 1.4

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Airmail is a powerful mail client with a minimal design and intuitive interaction.
Support for MS Exchange, iCloud™, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Google™ Apps, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™,™, Kerio Connect by GetSyncd.Com.

Airmail was designed from the ground to retain the same experience with a single or multiple accounts and provide a quick, modern and easy-to-use user experience. Airmail is clean and allows you to get to your emails without interruption - it's the mail client for the 21st century.

We have taken usability and function to the next level with Airmail and bring a striking-design with support for all major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and more. Switch between accounts like a breeze and quick reply to incoming messages within seconds - email has never been so easy.


- Unified Inbox
- Unlimited numbers accounts
- Alias Support with custom Smtp.
- Account support for Exchange, iCloud™, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Google™ Apps, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™,™
- Local Accounts
- Import from Apple Mail, MBOX archive, EML, EMLX

- Quick Reply
- Operations history with multiple Undo
- Offline operations
- Transfer messages across accounts
- Interaction sounds
- Multi Touch gestures
- Exchange Meeting Invite
- Dispatch to other apps

- Gmail Shortcuts
- Custom global shortcuts
- Quick Label, Quick Move,
- Quick folder selection,

- Drag and drop
- Quicklook preview
- Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudApp, Droplr, FTP
- Inline image attachments
- Winmail.dat preview
- VCalendar

- Group by id
- Group by subject
- Chronological Reverse
- Muted CC’d conversation

- Multiple visual themes
- Minimal and extended Mode
- Big fonts
- Plain Text Rendering

- Per account notifications
- Notification center support
- Notification alerts with custom actions

- Gmail, Exchange and OS X contacts
- Contacts Group
- Filter by address
- Open Directory search

- Markdown, Html, Html Source, and text only.
- Custom settings per single account
- Bullet and numbered list.
- Paste as plain text
- Extended message details on reply

- Auto CC, BCC.
- Pending operations
- Send again
- Delayed Send
- Redirect mail
- Sending message progress view
- Bounce

- Time Machine friendly
- Full Screen support
- Deckles mode
- EML Import/Export
- Disable GPU to save battery life
- Applescript
- Activity monitor
- Data Detectors

- Multiple Signatures
- Markdown, Rich text, Html Source, and text only.
- Signature above or below the quote

Search & Filtering:
- Global search for multiple accounts
- Quick filter
- User Scope filter, show messages of the same user
- Advanced combo filter
- Flags and filters

Folders, Labels:
- Nested folders
- Create, Delete and edit folders
- Custom folder's colors
- Custom folder mappings
- ToDo, Done, Memo

- Calendar
- Reminders
- Evernote
- Omnifocus
- Fantastical
- 2Do
- Things
- Spam Sieve

- Per user Autoload Remote Images,
- Disable icon detection

Airmail works best with hosted Kerio Connect by GetSyncd.Com


Release Notes:

- New Rules/Filters
- New Actions
- New Omnifocus 2 support
- New Fantastical support
- New BusyCall support
- New dispatch to services
- New Flags

- Improved UX
- Improved Preferences
- Improved Search
- Improved Markdown editor
- Improved Labels
- Improved Signatures
- Improved Sync Operations
- Improved Offline operations
- Improved Contacts
- Improved Performances
- Improved Attachments
- Improved Stability and minor fixes
- Improved Exchange Auto discover Sync
- Improved Exchange Sync
- Improved Things Integrations

- Fix Import messages to local accounts

- Many others small fixes and improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3.2
Review by TechAdict

Wow, improvements galore! - I used Airmail back in the early beta days. It had a nice interface… but… It ran hot, it slowed my mac, it WAS slow, overall it offered little in the way of improvement over the stock mail app… Now? Very nice! The app feels like a mac app should. I was able to load all my accounts (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, and Live) effortlessly. There is also a link to OmniFocus now, and links to Gdrive, dropbox, and Evernote. The updates and attention to this app are abound, and the attention to detail and the mass of offerings to link accounts is pleantiful. Probably one of the most striking features about Airmail is it’s price. This is DEFINATELY an upgrade from the stock mail app, runs smoothly, and offers extra goodies for just $2 ?!?! I’m seriously waiting for the catch, but as it stands now, I see none. This is just a beautiful app with a developer who seems attentive to user needs through updates and added goodies.

Found helpful by 24 out of 27 people
Version 1.3.2
Review by Neko716

Bad Update! - I love this app, but it needs a fix. Until then it gets 1 star. Here are the items that need to be addressed before it can be a five star app again: 1) Search Mail When I type in the search box to search my email, the text is blank so you can’t see what you are searching for. This is very frustrating and it’s had a negative impact on my ability to search my mail archives. 2) Missed Emails I continue to have an issue when a conversation of replies with other recipients go back and forth, I stop receiving the emails in my inbox. I haven’t figured out at what point they stop coming into my inbox, but I have been missing messages because email strings are getting too long. This has made me look bad on several occassions because I did not reply to important messages. These are both pretty big issues for me. I really can’t use this email client until it is fixed. Hopefully these issues will be addressed by the developers. Thank you.

Found helpful by 32 out of 64 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4
Review by icalc

Too buggy for your work emails. - The app is feature-laden, but quite buggy in its basic capabilities. For example, un-deletable copies of reply drafts composed online, in GMail, start accumulating if you leave the app running in the background. Sometimes, ‘undo’-ing labeling of emails marked as trash (why is trash a label?) can send them to the netherlands where they disappear from GMail servers but exist on your computer and are undeletable. I could go on, but the bottomline is that you are taking a risk if you use this for important work. Also, their ‘support’ is a twitter account. Come on guys — this is an app with so much potential, and you have almost no active competition. Release Airmail 2 with the important bugs removed and a higher price, many customers will be happy to buy it again if you just clean up your act.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.4
Review by AlexisAllen

For everyday use, such a relief - I admit, I don’t have super complicated requirements for my mail client, and I’m sure I won’t use the majority of the features it has, but all I really want is a mail client that feels like a real mail client through which to access and manage my GMail account. Is that so wrong? One with a clean, attractive interface that lets me focus on what I’m writing instead of how annoyed I am. Honestly, I can’t pinpoint why I hate the default Mail application aesthetic so much, but I DO. Google webmail interface is… easily even worse. I feel like years of accumulated sighs have suddenly vanished from my life. This is just what I was looking for, and it’s so nice to have a professional-grade alternative available. If you are the sort of person who is looking for an enjoyable experience managing your GMail, and need an alternative to the clunky horribleness of Mail, then it’s well worth it.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.4
Review by ctheb1980

So much potential, yet the App Store version got crippled - I loved the addition of plugins in the 1.4 beta, which is why I was very disapointed when I saw that plugin support was not included in the final app store version. I understand that the functionality was likely removed because Apple would not allow it, but it would have been nice if the developer mentioned the removal of plugins somewhere. The s/mime and gpg plugins made AirMail hands down the best email client for OS X. If plugins are not an option I would have hoped that the developer would build these features into the client. The other big item that is missing for me is built-in proxy support. Don’t get me wrong, AirMail is a solid email client, but without those three features it isn’t a viable option for any serious email user.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.4
Review by discoroboto

Beautiful interface but slow to load messages on startup - Overall, Airmail is a good app with a lot of potential. The interface is well-designed and easy to look at. I like that I can easily see who the sender is by the looking at the icon next to the message preview. I look forward to seeing how this app grows. My biggest complaint is how slow it is to load my messages when the application initially starts up. There have been a number of times where I wait a good minute or more for my messages to load. Other times the messages display almost instantly. I hope the developers sort this out, because it’s super-annoying when I want to quickly check my email.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.4
Review by Super Hodges

Pretty but unusable - The app is pretty to look at. I love the dark theme and the minimalist interface but the love stops there. The app takes forever to load and consumes 30% of my CPU while doing it. When replying to a message with inline comments, I can’t control the line spacing. The app seems to want to insert an extra blank line after I hit return. I can workaround this by using the plain text composer or if I am in the rich text editor I can hit the bullet point icon a couple times and get to a point where the line spacing is normal again. Also if the email I’m replying to is large and I bring up the split pane HTML mode in the composer, then I can type faster than the characters are drawn in the window. In other words there is a slight delay between when I press a button on the keyboard and the character is drawn on the screen. Their promise of a lightning fast email app was lost on me.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people