Airmail 3

Developer: Bloop S.R.L.

Current Version: 3.3.2

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 50.9 MB - Download


Airmail 3 is a new mail client designed with performance and intuitive interaction in mind optimized for macOS Sierra!

Support for iCloud™, MS Exchange, Gmail™, Google™ Apps, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™,™

Airmail was designed from the ground UP to retain the same experience with a single or multiple accounts and provide a quick, modern and easy-to-use user experience. Airmail is clean and allows you to get to your emails without interruption - it's the mail client for the 21st century.

We have taken usability and function to the next level with Airmail and bring a striking-design with support for all major email services. Switch between accounts like a breeze and quick reply to incoming messages within seconds - email has never been so easy and productive.

- iCloud Account sync
- iCloud attachment upload and share the link.
- Handoff support, Composing Draft and folder selection are mirrored on different devices
- Today Extension, quick access to your inbox.
- Action Extension, Airmail Compose, Inline create and send messages directly form other apps
- Action Extension, Airmail Share to quick send messages and attachments.

- Unified Inbox
- Alias with custom SMTP
- Exchange, iCloud™, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Google™ Apps, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™,™
- Local Accounts
- Import from Apple Mail, MBOX archive, EML, EMLX, Airmail 1.x

- Quick Reply
- Undo History
- Offline operations
- Move messages on Different mailboxes
- Interaction sounds
- Multi Touch gestures
- Exchange Meeting Invite

- Gmail Shortcuts
- Custom global shortcuts
- Quick Label, Move, Label and Archive
- Quick folder selection

- Drag and drop
- Quick Look preview
- Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudApp, Box, Onedrive, Droplr, FTP
- Inline image attachments
- Winmail.dat preview
- VCalendar

- Group by id
- Group by subject
- Chronological Reverse
- Muted CC’d conversation

- Multiple visual themes
- Minimal and extended Mode
- Plain Text Rendering

- Per account notifications
- Notification center support
- Notification alerts with custom actions

- Gmail, Exchange and OS X contacts
- Contacts Group
- Filter by address
- Open Directory search

- Google App Directory
- Exchange Global Address List
- LDAP directory
- Markdown, Html(Html Source for templates), and text only.
- Custom settings per single account
- Bullet and numbered list.

- Auto CC, BCC.
- Pending operations
- Send Delay
- Redirect
- Send again
- Bounce

- Split Screen Support
- Time Machine friendly
- Deckles mode
- EML Import/Export
- Disable GPU to save battery life
- Applescript
- Activity monitor
- Data Detectors

- Multiple Account Signatures
- Markdown, Rich text, Html Source, and text only.
- Signature above or below the quote

Search & Filtering:
- Global search for multiple accounts
- Realtime powerful filters
- Sort messages, Date, Attachments, Conversations ....
- Show messages of the same user
- Flags and filters

Folders, Labels:
- Nested folders
- Create, Delete and edit folders
- Custom colors synced by iCloud
- Custom folder mappings
- ToDo, Done, Memo

Send to:
- Omnifocus
- Fantastical
- Evernote
- Apple Reminder
- Calendar
- BusyCal
- Things
- 2To
- Wunderlist
- Todoist

- Per user Autoload Remote Images,
- Disable icon detection


Release Notes:

*Apple Design Award 2017 Winner*

- Fix on templates with images
- Improved Sync with Rules


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1
Review by DeadPirate

Goodbye Apple Mail - There are two applications on the mac that need to perform. Mail and Web browsing. Well Apple your mail in Yosemite is junk, it trashed two of my older 27" machines with the upgrade to Yosemite. So I bought a new high performance mac with Yosemite, nope same thing, it performed like I would expect windows applications having to reboot every time the mailbox locked up (4 times a day). Just do a search on mail problems, you would think with billions they could write a good mail program or just buy one. Thankfully airmail performs like a dream, even on the older machines. Yes there are a few settings you might want to change, like delete instead of archive, but take your time, look around. This is a great app. I have 5 mailboxes, a personal one, two CEO boxes for different companies, and two support boxes, with YEARS of mail in imap. Yes I DO need to reference mail that is a couple of years old, no I don’t want to keep it on one machine or in Apples cloud. I use foldering and need direct access and no hanging when I try to move a couple of messages to a different folder. I’m finally back to work in email again. I had all but given up. Years ago I tried sparrow but gave up on it as well. I haven’t checked it out lately and I will be using airmail from here forward unless Apple PAYS me to use theirs. Thanks

Found helpful by 18 out of 24 people
Version 3.0
Review by 3Petes

Their own words: "I am sorry but the actual import function is not working correctly" - Wouldn’t you think that the first thing most people would do with their new email program would be to import their messages from their original email program? Seems like a simple concept. Good luck. Within minutes of buying this from the appstore I found that this was not possible. I immediately contacted the support people for Airmail 3 who told me that there was issue stating; "I am sorry but the actual import function is not working correctly…”. If they know this already why are they still offering this program on the App Store… or anywhere else for that matter? I have spent hours trying to get this email client to simply accept my standard .mbox files from archived mail but no luck. I am using a new 12 core Mac Pro with El Capitan. Perhaps its a fine program if you are starting from scratch but if you are hoping to move from a different email program to this one (like most of us) I would recommend finding an alternative. This feature is far too critical to not be functioning properly. Also, why is it that they can continue to sell a program on the App Store when they know it is not functioning properly? If the rest of us did that we’d be out of business or have angry customers pounding at our door. There is no protection for this sort of thing from the App Store so buyer beware’.

Found helpful by 62 out of 72 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.3.2
Review by MattPisme

4.5 Stars and getting better - I’ve been using email clients since there was such a thing (yea, I’m old). As a financial consultant, I have many customers and multiple email accounts. Mac Mail wasn’t doing it for me anymore and Outlook is so bloated and visually overloaded. Airmail strikes an excellent balance for those looking for a powerful but clean email solution. Please note, that it is still a somewhat young (let’s say adolescent) product and so be sure to install updates when they become available - they are awesome. HUGE shout out to David in support and in general support is A-Mazzing! Show me another software product where you can immediately type a chat to support and get an answer!

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 3.3.2
Review by Anthony Hollander

Airmail rises above the rest with ease! - I have tried and used most of the other email apps out there. There are some great and some awesome. But at this moment, Airmail handles my email and connect with all needed services like Evernote, Fantastical etc… It is a real big improvement on my email app and Airmail rises above the rest with ease. I bought the iPhone and ipad version also and all works perfectly good. I had a technical question and when I got on their support site, I was immediately helped bij Sarah in a live chat. My question was answered and the issue solved within 10 seconds. I must say, this is the fastest and must helpfull support answer I had in years! I am really happy with this app. Highly recommended!

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.3.2
Review by Switching is NG

Product is good support is bad - I’ve used this product now for over a year. It seems to be a good alternative to Mail although the incoming email graphics are not satisfactory. So when I attempted to get a tech support chat session started each thread was a 10 minute wait, in frustration I just went back to Mail to have graphics files display better. Frankly, if Mail is working for you there is NO need to switch to another program.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 3.3.2
Review by Dark Red

It used to be good, current build hangs too often. - The current version, freezes all the time with 5 email accounts. All The Time.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 3.3.2
Review by n00b54uc3

Plugins Don't Work - When I bought this app I expected to get S/MIME and PGP support via their plugin downloads. The latest version seems to have broken plugins all together. Support team (all based in India) was not helpful at all and doesn't understand how filesystems work. They could not resolve my issue and would not give me a timeline of whent he issue would be fixed or when I would hear back from a more competent support tech. I am used to getting some kind of support ticket ID number so I can track my issue and reference when talking to staff in the future. There is no issue tracking system that I am aware of. Just not a professional company in my opinion. More testing needs to be done before release so bugs like this don't happen.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people