Developer: Affectiva

Current Version: 3.2.0

Last Updated: 10 months ago

Download Size: 13.2 MB - Download


AffdexMe analyzes your facial expressions in order to detect your emotions in real time using the built-in camera on your Mac. To use, simply start the app and you will see your own face on the screen with metrics at the top measuring expressions and emotions and the most likely emoji icon that matches your facial expression.

The camera icon on the lower right allows you to take a snapshot of the screen and share it.

The app’s preferences can also be used to:
- Change the processing frame rate
- Display facial points as the face is tracked.
- Display gender and glasses avatars
- Display emoji avatars

Visit our developer portal at for more information on our SDK.
Gender avatar adapted from Emoji One:


Release Notes:

Uses our new DE Pack classifiers for improved accuracy in capturing emotions and expressions.
Supports horizontal mirroring for a more natural display with front-facing cameras. This option is configurable from the Preferences view.
Supports small-face mode operation, which provides improved detection for views of larger groups of people.
Improved frame processing rates when no faces are detected.
Updated our company logo.