Acupoints Ultimate

Developer: Vanaple Technology(HK) CO., Limited

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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The Acupoints Ultimate is on the basis of Chinese traditional medicine theory. With the help of portability and facility of MAC platform, it shows Chinese medicine acupoints in a brand new visual angle.

Users will learn enormous acupoints through 6 charts at different angles with various options including bilingual setting, legend checking. The Acupoints Ultimate indexed is both complete and accurate in full accordance with recognized standard book.

Therefore, it's becoming a more and more essential mentor for people to study and research Chinese medicine acupoints. However, if you need the acupuncture manipulation, we haven't made this function.

In this ultimate edition, we make the powerful auto-search function, full and accurate method to locate the point, indication information and so on.
(Ear points have no information, because it’s just a mapping in Chinese traditional medicine.)

√ Below is a BASIC FLOW to guide you:
1)Select the language of traditional Chinese or English;
2)Press the search button;
3)Use chart sort as default index, tap the screen to start table view, and find the points you need;
4)The other way, think about the keywords, Traditional Chinese – English bilingualism support;
5)Enter them, choose the correct acupoint from the list;
6)Automatic location system start
7)On the bottom-left screen, you can see the method to find the location of the point and indication information.

How to use the auto-search function? Below are 3 index ways for you to select:
1)Search the abbreviation of the point, the abbreviation of E.G acupoint Taibai is SP3. Enter SP3, and you can get it.
2)Search the English name. The English name of E.G acupoint Taibai is Taibai. Enter Taibai, and you can get it.
3)Search the Chinese name.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by Leon - Scottsdale

Good start but needs work - Actually between 2 and three stars. Although the software provides an point location app, there are errors in the naming of some of the points (LI 6 and LI 5 both designated is Pianli in search). There are also other instances of incorrect labeling. The graphics are quite limited too in that you are not able to zoom in from the window. Scroll bars move you around on the graphic but you can not increase the window size. Graphics are better on the iPhone version of the app.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people