AcousticCore 8

Developer: Arcadia, Inc.

Current Version: 8.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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AcousticCore(R) won Acoustical Society of Japan's Technology Development prize in 2007.

Since we started selling AcousticCore(R) in 1998, we have received support from
many Acoustical scientists and Speech-Language-Hearing therapists.

AcousticCore(R) includes not only the basic functions such as Audio Waveform Editing,
but also the necessary functions for acoustic research, such as Spectrogram Display, Fundamental Frequency and Formant Analysis etc.
What's more, effort has been dedicated to improve the user interface (UI), and to ease the work of audio waveform splitting, writing, phoneme labeling etc.

■Main Functionalities
・Sound data's recording, playback and compilation
・Analysis (Spectrogram, Power, Fundamental Frequency(F0) Extraction 、Formant Extraction、Spectrum Slice)
・Exporting to file function of Formant Frequency、Fundamental Frequency
・Mark & Labeling (Color options、CSJ transcription support)
・Signal Formation (Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Sawtooth wave, Pulse and White Noise, Pause)
・Signal Processing (arithmetical operation, normalization, silent conversion, reverse, fading in & fading out, and taper)
・Filter (Half-wave Rectification, moving average and the Low-pass filter, High-pass filter, Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis)
・Block Search (sound section search by power value)
・Corrugated Division (Detection and Save to Audio Waveform Data File based on Mark)
・Prints of Waveform、Mark and Analysis Result

■ Use
・Research and development of spoken language (Japanese, foreign language's research etc.)
・Spoken Language's Rehabilitation (Diadocho Examination etc.)
・Acoustics Analysis(analysis machine sound and abnormal sound etc.)

■ Hardware requirement
Intel (R) Multi-core Processor
Mac OS X v10.6.6 and above
RAM 1GB and above
Free disk space of 1GB and above
Display Resolution of 1024x768 and above