Developer: SatoAkira

Current Version: 10.12.1

Last Updated: 4 months ago

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This application is the application which saves the data of financial accounting as electronic data with the form of double entry bookkeeping, and displays various kinds of total results, such as a balance sheet and an earning statement, based on the saved electronic data.
It can be operated by the same operation as the application by the Apple company.
Therefore, the knowledge about the method of operating the standard application for Mac OS X is needed.
For example, it is understanding the meaning of a "folder" and "a mouse click", and the difference of a memory and a disk etc.
The debtor side and credit-side side is the input form divided into right and left.
The amount of money is inputted in the center.
The date input can carry out a shortening input from a keyboard.
It is journalized automatically.
Therefore, the meaning of the "debtor" and the "credit side", etc. need the basic knowledge about double entry bookkeeping.
The output of the form which imitated the handwritten form is not carried out.
It outputs in the form of the grade which can be printed out and distinguished to a blank paper.
There is no check number.
First of all, he is not conscious of the form of handwriting, such as a cross slip.
The code number given for every subject or such a kind of thing is absolutely none.
There is a function of input assistance, such as registration of a title of account and an auxiliary book subject name and registration of a summary dictionary registration journalizing dictionary.
The undoing redo function is attached.
Correction and deletion of journalizing are also possible.
It is totaled in real time almost simultaneously with a journalizing input, and a journal, a ledger, an earning statement and a balance sheet, a Japanese next balance transition table, etc. are displayed.


Release Notes:

Fixed the problem in macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).