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Current Version: 2200.1.3

Last Updated: 13 days ago

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AcaStat is an inexpensive alternative to costly statistical software. AcaStat simplifies the analysis of data. Use drag and drop functioning to run crosstabulations, descriptive statistics, correlation, and common significance tests without learning programming code or complex interface commands. Enter data or paste data from a spreadsheet for analysis. Save system data files that include variable formatting and recodes. AcaStat produces frequencies tables, crosstabulations, descriptive statistics, correlation, multiple regression, logistic regression, and related significance tests. A summary statistics module includes 18 procedures for analyzing summary data. Includes formatted example data to explore features.

> Paste data or drag delimited text files into spreadsheet
> Import and export delimited data files
> Filter observations and use control variables
> Format variable and value labels, set missing values
> Compute, combine, and recode variables
> Print and save analysis results
> Create column, pie, and line charts
> Save z-scores, residuals, and predictive values
> Merge files to add records or variables

Data Module Statistics
> Frequencies
> Descriptives
> Explore means
> Independent and paired t-tests and one-way ANOVA
> Non-parametric tests: Spearman's rho, Mann-Whitney U, Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test
> Chi-square and association measures
> Correlation, OLS and Logistic regression
> Random sampling
> Diagnostic Accuracy
> Real Estate Tax Assessment

Summary Module Statistics
> Weighted Mean
> Z-Score
> Confidence Intervals (Mean/Proportion)
> Goodness of Fit
> Chi-Square Test of Independence (6x6 table)
> Z-Test of Proportions (One/Two Sample)
> T-Test of Means (One/Two Sample)
> One-Way ANOVA (6 group means)
> Z, T, F, Chi-Sq Distributions (estimates p-value)
> Diagnostic Accuracy (2x2 table)
> Epi Curve
> Disaggregate Counts (creates a data file from summary statistics for the charts procedure)


Release Notes:

This update contains new features and stability improvements.

New Features:

-The output font style can be changed to improve viewing and printing.
-Right click menu options have been added to the Data tab observation column and the Output Log listbox.
-The Help system has been updated to incorporate Application Help, How To Guide, Statistics Glossary, and a new annotated Application Overview into one on-line Help system.
-The example data files have been updated to include a subset of the 2016 General Social Survey (GSS) and a multi-year GSS subset data fle for the years 2008-2016.

Bug Fixes:

-Failure to enable the New toolbar button in the Explore tab when clearing data in other tabs.
-Intermittent error when entering data in a new column.
-Data file merge procedure failed to update the variable count in the status bar.
-Corrected error in the data dictionary procedure that failed to output the last four value labels.
-Corrected error when deleting columns after merging files.
-The Data Format module is now disabled when there is no data entered in the first row of a variable to avoid an application crash.
-Added a variable label for each of the variables created during the random sampling procedure.
-Updated the random sampling procedure to exclude missing values from the sampling routine.