Absorb Water

Developer: Raj Kumar Shaw

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Water has never been so easy to drink! Absorb Water allows you to drink almost anything and figures out at the end of the day if you are hydrated!

Clean water is good for you. No argument! For most of us water alone would make our taste buds shrivel up and life would be boring. Our lives are way too complex, for us to be able to just drink water.

Absorb Water does it all. This app allows you to keep track of everything with a water content above 65 %. If you eat an orange, have a bowl of soup or drink a glass of beer this app calculates your daily water intake from all sources. You have 12 categories to choose from to hydrate yourself.

Built in features:

The app isn't happy until you drink a minimum of 12 glasses of water a day, from the 12 possible sources.

The "Mellow Yellow" chart and the built in colour calculation for tracking your urine colour, is all you will need to track and improve your "personal" hydration progress.

Every day your last MY colour will be entered on your "Personal Data" page allowing you hopefully see your urine lighten in colour.

24/7 Hydration Alerts

At 7:00 your day starts out with an extra large cup of coffee. At 10:30 someone is going for a coffee run. You throw in your 1.50 $ and you now your empty stomach has a second x large in it. Wow that washroom is starting to look very attractive. After leaving the dark yellow evidence that you are way behind on your water count, you settle back comfortably in your office chair. You have your sights set on lunch. You can already taste that cheese burger with large fries and that ice filled soft drink. For your 3 o’clock you grab a healthier black tea with cream and sugar. You just remembered everyone is going out for drinks after work, after your fourth beer and second shot of tequila the bathroom is calling. This time the shade of yellow is so intense your kidneys start to hurt.

Absorb Water is a no nonsense app with no fluff. This app does only one thing! It keeps track of how much water you are absorbing or stealing from your body. That is it! In this example the test subject ( Bob) used more water than was given back to the body. Do that for 10 days in a row and you have the reason why you aren’t feeling so hot.

Absorb Water makes it possible for you to drink 12 glasses of water everyday. The average person will not be able to pull that off, but using multiple sources for the water makes that task that much easier. What Absorb Water does really well is
to make sure you stop stealing yesterday's water.

This is an experimental app that relies heavily on users input
and feedback. We will be sure to maintain the accuracy and content of the app with input from "*Absorbians*". We need your help so we can perfect "Absorb Water".


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by WarrenDee29

Very special app for me. - I have a few apps from this company but this one really shows off how creative this group is. I have always hated drinking water so using the water content from other sources is very appealing to me. Chopping up some fruit, downing some sport drinks, having a cup of tea instead of coffee are better alternatives for me personally.

Found helpful by 19 out of 19 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by Ahmed Serafi

Ahmed - great App to keep track, we usually drink water daily but not enough, this App will help you to maintain your body fluid, well done

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.0
Review by Ian_olver

Helpful and healthful app - I have been avoiding regular intake of water even after having been advised by doctor to do so regularly, somehow other bevearages are more appealing to me except for water and I have always failed to maintain water level in my body because I would fail to keep the track of water taken. But this app has been helping me so far to reach the target of amount of water in take in 24Hrs time. Just need to be faithful to this app by regularly drinking water and storing the information of actual amount of water taken after every glass and the app reminds about the amount of water taken and how much more to go. Thus the water level is kept in check always. Its really beneficial. Nothing is more precious than health.

Found helpful by 16 out of 18 people