AV for Windows 8 App Dev - Creating Your First App

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Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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Sometimes the best way to learn something is to just do it and that's exactly how this Windows 8 App Dev 101 course is designed. So watch and program along with the Huma Solutions team as you design and build your first Windows 8 app!

You begin the process by diving right into Visual Studio. You get the tour and learn the basics of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This is where you do most of your initial design work. After you get comfortable with the surroundings it's time to build an actual Windows Store project!

First, you learn how to build your project data. Here, you work with C++ and XAML. Next, you design your Layouts and app Orientation. Then there are tutorials on Snapping, Semantic Zoom, Sharing and Searching.

The final section is all about adding additional content like video and photos. This completes the first development stage of your app. Coming up next, in the 102 course, you put on the finishing touches and publish your Windows 8 app!

Table of contents:

1. Windows Store App Development - Part 1
2. Windows Store App Development - Part 2
3. Start Windows Store Project
4. Load Project Data
5. Layout Customization
6. Orientation
7. Snapping
8. Semantic Zoom
9. Sharing
10. Searching - Part 1
11. Searching - Part 2
12. App Bar
13. Photo Capture
14. Video Capture