AV for Cubase 7 101 - Moving Forward with Cubase 7

Developer: ASK Video

Current Version: 2.1.0

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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Calling all Cubase users: Cubase 7 is here, and Matt Hepworth, our in-house Cubase expert has been hard at work exploring every line of code! Master all the powerful new features in this new and powerful version of this popular DAW...

Tutorial Features:
• 214 minutes of video training
• Super clear explanations
• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
• Easy to navigate

Course Outline:
1. Welcome to Cubase 7
2. Mouse and Modifier Keys
3. Installation Update & 32-Bit vs 64-Bit Operation
4. The Steinberg Hub
5. The New Cubase 7 Color Space
6. Double-check your Audio Interface
7. Enabling Auto Save & Other Preferences
8. A Word on the Control Room and Click (Metronome)
9. The Cubase Mixer is now the MixConsole
10. Full Screen Mode
11. MixConsole Signal Flow
12. Using the Windows Layout
13. Visibility and Zones
14. Searching for Channels
15. Searching for Tracks
16. Searching for PlugIns
17. Using the Racks
18. Adding Pictures and Notes
19. Showing & Hiding Channel Types
20. Using the Agents
21. Storing Channel and Rack Configurations
22. Modifying Channel Width & Height
23. Adding FX Channels
24. Double-clicking Inserts and the “e” indicator
25. A/B Compare Function
26. Spectrum Analyzer in EQ
27. Global FX Bypass Buttons
28. Resetting Channels or the Entire MixConsole
29. The Loudness Meter
30. Adding More Mix Consoles (2 and 3)
31. Noise Gate
32. Compressors
33. EnvelopeShaper
34. Tube and Tape Saturation
35. Limiters and Maximizers
36. Recalling Channel Strip Presets
37. Tube Compressor & Vintage Compressor MKII
38. Voxengo CurveEQ
39. Using the CurveEQ Spectrum Matching
40. Cubase 7 and the Control Room
41. Setting Up a Cue Mix
42. The Chord Track Editor
43. VariAudio, Harmonies, and the Chord Track
44. Setting up a VST Connect Session
45. Watching a Session In Progress
46. Quick-linking and VST Control Panels in the MixCons...
47. ASIO Guard and VST Performance Window
48. Hermode Tuning
49. The Remote Control Editor
50. Zoom MEM and Zoom ZAP
51. Adjusting Handles with the Scrub Tool
52. Using Safe Start-up Mode
53. Volume Max and Portuguese, Obrigado


Release Notes:

• Improved User Interface and Experience.
• Add your own notes to individual tutorials.
• View the outline and jump to any tutorial while playing video or from the Home screen.
• Mark your favourite tutorials.
• Take your learning experience full screen.
• Hide or show the tutorial outline whenever you want.
• Compatible with OS X Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), and newer.