Developer: Centurion Games

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 23.6 MB - Download


A.R.C.S. is a new twist on the traditional and popular castle defense genre. A.R.C.S builds upon classic castle defense gameplay, with increased depth of gameplay and use of player skill via its soft vs hard target system, and innovative multi-kill system.


-20 unique enemy types, from ranged fighters and close combat units, to rocket launching tanks and flying bombers.

-Epic Boss Fights!

-Exhaustive shop system with over 40 optional purchases and upgrades, creating multiple approaches to play, and creating replay value.

-20 levels of intense shooting action.

-Multiple difficulty levels.

-Gorgeous 16 bit retro pixel art visuals.

-Custom Chiptunes sound track.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by The invisble man

This Game... - For a 'Defend the Castle' genre, it's pretty good. It's Addicting and always leave you wanting MOAR! There are some dissappointments. When the discription said "Epic Boss Fights!" and when I saw the screen shot of this Red Boss I was like: Oh Yeaaaa. But...this the only unique boss in the game. Now there is Boss fights, but not as cool as that guy on this page. Mainly, it just tanks or flying ships. So those boss fights feel forgetable, its just another tank. So if they makers of this game are going to make a sequel, put Robots that are REALLY unique for the bosses. The Robot hoardes were pretty cool. One of the games main thing is hit multiple targets at once to get a combo hit. Which is a plus because when you make this combohit, your health bar recovers a bit, which comes in handy. Another negative is it does not have an optional Save button or Save Menu (although if you closed the window by accident it doesn't lose where you last left off.) Now as for the "Custom Chiptune sound track" There is no such thing unless turning it off as an option. Naughty Naughty. Chiptunes is one of my favorite genres. But it pretty cool to listen to anyways so I'm not mad. So does it have replay value you might ask? I think it does. It those kind of games where if you have nothing to do and what to kick some robot derrière then by all mean The Graphics are not to shabby for what it is aim for. Feels more like a short Game Boy Advance Game than a Super Nintendo game (I love you Super Nintendo, but when it comes to Graphics, GBA is 1up) because it clean. Ohter than that, 1.99, Full Screen Mode, decent music- Its worth the buy.

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