Developer: Antonio Lore'

Current Version: 2.4.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Also known as Address Book to CSV Exporter, this Mac OS X utility allows the user to export his own Address Book in one or more CSV or VCF files.
Now available on Mac App Store in version 2.0, AB2CSV has been chosen by more than 70,000 users all over the world for five years.
This simple and quick utility exports all your contacts with just one click.

- All details exportation
- Group exportation
- Both CSV and VCF are supported
- Multilanguage (Italian, English, Spanish)

Mentioned by Macworld as "Excellent Add-On" in "Mighty messenger" article.


Release Notes:

- Fixed a bug that crashes the app when "Dates" checkbox in CSV Preferences is on.
- Enabled Sandbox according to Mac App Store rules.
- "Save to folder" preference was removed due to sandbox rules. The user has to select where to save the file every time. The save folder must be one within the User profile.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.4.1
Review by Roy, the Successful

It works. - I don't normally write reviews, but this application has been maligned terribly here. After reading through both the pros and the cons, I could see that the haters really didn't understand what a comma deliminated file is. It is simply a text file that has the data fields seperated by commas. OK? That means that as many have discovered, you can't just open the file with Excel and be happy. You have to import it. So how do you do that? In Excel, under the 'File' menu is an item called 'Import.' Select that. The menu box under that will lead you through the obvious. The most obvious being the first two steps. You are importing a CSV file. Click that radio button. Then you will be lead to another box that will ask you to select the data you want to import. There is a little more than that, but I already feel like I've given you enough to work on. Just remember that the program works. If it isn't doing what you want, you probably aren't IMPORTING the data properly into Excel. And from Excel, you can export the information into other formats. Have fun.

Found helpful by 21 out of 23 people
Version 2.4.2
Review by Eddie3Sticks

Waste of time and money - A waste of 99 cents. I tried to export a Group of contacts to a CSV file and then upload to MailChimp. Nothing but “syntax errors” time after time. There’s a slightly more expensive app that works much better…should have gone for that one at the get-go.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4.2
Review by abusiness owner

Perfect, did what it said, did what I needed. - Running Apple OS X - Contacts. This ap automatically converted all my contacts as a csv file called "everyone.csv" Then I was able to do it again, choosing just the group I wanted to export. Worked perfectly. well worth the 99cents. thanks for being here when i needed this ap!

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 2.4.2
Review by Onlythebest39

Works as advertised - Having upgraded to Lion since my last use of Address Book Exporter which I could no longer use, I found this alternative. My use is for export of groups of contacts with selected fields to a delimited file that can be imported into Excel. This app did the trick. I did discover a few problems of mis-placed information (i.e., wrong column in Excel). I don't think is a problem of this app, but rather with Address Book itself. I fail to understand the gripes of those rating the app low. "Operator error"?

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 2.4.2
Review by JSF99

It works - I mainly wanted to get my contacts into an Excel file as a basic, human-readable back-up since my Apple Address Book program has had issues syncing lately. The app works, despite some of the other comments on this page. One issue I found is that empty cells are left as blanks in the CSV output as opposed to, say, an "NA" character. A simple find-replace is complicated by the fact that commas are present in my notes as well as being used as a delimiter. Luckily, there is an option in the Preferences to use a semi-colon or pipe (|) instead. Then, one can replace two consecutive pipes with "|NA|" in a text editor before reading it into Excel. An option to replace blanks with NA would be helpful to avoid having to take these extra steps.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.4.2
Review by jaredwpoor

well worth it - This app worked much better than the reviews indicated, though not flawlessly. I needed to create a simple CSV file to export names and email addresses from some the contacts in my address book. I was able to get exactly what I needed, though I did have to clean up the automatically generated CSV file by importing it into Excel and then saving it again. Still, for a buck, it saved me a huge amount of time and frusteration. Overall, well worth it.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 2.4.2
Review by rschletty

Solved my head scratcher - Using AB2CSV, I exported a group from Address Book to CSV format, then imported into Excel. This 99 cent app did the trick in a jiffy. Thank you for being so smart, Antonio! Best regards. By the way, there is another method I discovered while browsing Apple Support. Open iWork Numbers and drag a group directly from Address Book to a blank spreadsheet window. The problem, though, is that you only get four fields (last name, first name, phone and email) transferred unless you first set up a header in the spreadsheet with the names of the extra fields you want. AB2CSV is faster and less complicated – it transfers all fields.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people