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Current Version: 1.0

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2x2Tutor is a full study course of the times table for Mac OS.

2x2Tutor is based on the effective methodology that is used in schools and allows to self-learn the multiplication system in 2-3 weeks.

The course consists from fourteen levels, starting from "Multiplication by 1" and ending with a final exam. A child is mastering the levels step by step, gradually learning the multiplication table and begins to use it without any problems. Each level is designed for one day of studying. You can see the results of each level in the detailed study report.

2x2Tutor program may be used at home or at school. The program has a special school mode that can be used at school: if necessary, the teacher can set the individual parameters for each student, as well as see the results for all students when logged in after his name.

2x2Tutor features:

- the program is very user-friendly and may be used by children who are learning to multiply regardless of their age;
- home and school learning mode;
- an option for setting one of the difficult levels right from the start for the students who are partially familiar with the multiplication table;
- an option for teaching several students at a time, while saving the results for each one;
- track of time used for tests and exams;
- one of more than thirty grading scales that are used in more than 70 countries may be used to measure the learning progress;
- an option for turning off the step-by-step learning mode, which allows to use the program for refreshing the knowledge in freely chosen order or for giving an exam;
- possibility for setting the learning sequence;
- the program has a detailed help section with recommendation on how to organize the learning process.


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Version 1.0
Review by Sallywak

Great and easy to use - I would LOVE to use this with my 6 year old, too. She is still on addition and subtraction. 5 stars for sure if you could just make that available.

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