1Focus – App & Website Blocker

Developer: Niklas Behrens

Current Version: 2.3.2

Last Updated: 4 months ago

Download Size: 7.2 MB - Download


1Focus lets you block distracting apps and websites to skyrocket your productivity. Beat procrastination and get things done by focusing on one task at a time. Ideal for students, entrepreneurs, and creative people.

"Wonderfully simple to use" – awickwire
"The best program that helps you to get things done." – Ksrhee24
"I'm a terrible procrastinator and this app saves me from myself." – Stig77


1.) Select the apps/websites to block
2.) Enter a duration
3.) Start


• Simple and effective
• Lets you block apps, e.g. email, web browsers, games
• Lets you block specific websites in Safari and Google Chrome
• Blacklist/whitelist option
• Create your own task presets
• Adjustable strictness
• Scheduling including recurring events
• Status icon indicates the time remaining
• Optimized for Retina display
• Supports Dark Mode


Do you have any questions or suggestions? The developer would be happy to help you.

[email protected]


Release Notes:

- Fixed website blocking issue
- Fixed AppleScript support


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.8.2
Review by Snarkclaw

Excellent Distraction Eliminator - I love this application. There are two changes I wish for, though. At the time that I bought OneFocus, it had a blacklist approach: you selected the apps you wanted to block. Shortly after my purchase came an update that switched to a whitelist approach: you have to select the apps you want to exempt from the block. This is a bit frustrating for me, for two reasons: 1) If I install an app during a block duration, then I cannot whitelist the app and start using it. Newly installed apps are blocked by default. 2) Some apps I have essentially get replaced when updated, so are considered new by OneFocus... meaning I have to regularly maintain the whitelist, lest an app I previously whitelisted be included in the block. So, my first wish is that it had its recent blacklist approach, or at least had that as an option. My second wish is that I could set a schedule for block times. Before I made the purchase, I wrote the developer (who is quite nice and responsive) about that, and he said that scheduling is a planned future feature. I look forward to it. :-) In this review, I mostly complained about this application, which is misleading. OneFocus is a wonderful, lightweight, must-have of a program that definitely helps me focus when I need to by reducing my options for distraction. :-)

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.3.2
Review by Widemind

Perfect for ADHD! - I’ve noticed a trend with those leaving negative reviews - they are all from people who can’t seem to figure out basic concepts and simple software. This app is about as straight forward and easy to use as it gets, and does exactly what it says it does. It’s beautiful. It’s super light weight. And I like how when it blocks a website, it’ll take you to a page with a motivational quote of some kind about perseverance - which I thought was pretty cool. I struggle big time with ADHD - I don’t even realize when I open a website and stray away from work - it’s bad! I’m currently working to finish my bachelors degree and this is the only thing that has actually helped me stay motivated and on task. 100% worth the $10. However, you do have to be smarter than a brick to use it.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.3.2
Review by Disappointed3897

This app is not intuitive or user friendly - After paying for and downloading this app, I was excited to give it a go after reading the reviews. However, after installing it on my MacBook Pro (just recently purchased the newest model), the app won’t open or run. I sent an email to the email address indicated for “Support” for this app over 10 days ago and have gotten no reply. After delving through the various folders in the Focus1 app application folder, I was able to find what I believe is supposed to be the appropriate script editor. Not really intuitive to get to or easy to operate or understand how to use. And with no support, it’s an even bigger frustration.

Found helpful by 0 out of 1 people
Version 2.3.2
Review by Josh\

The App does not work - I should have listened to the reviews. I have the latest operating system and a 15’ 2014 macbook pro. I opened the app, and no interface comes on the screen. All I get is a little arrow icon on the top that allows me to create tasks and has no other option for blocking websites etc. I have explored all of the options.

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Version 2.3.2
Review by DrChasBrew

Fit’s my needs well - I used SelfControl before this app but wanted the ability to block apps easily. 1Focus fit the bill. It ended up being a better app and website blocking scheme than I anticipated. When I Whitelist a site, 1Focus appears to be looking at the URL in my browser window. This is how I think about websites. The problem with Whitelist on SelfControl is that Whitelisting a website doesn’t seem to guarantee it will be fully functional because it looks at websites like a computerized robot or a computer programmer would. I don’t have a working knowledge of ports and scripts and other things to explain it… but I can say that the way 1Focus functions was easy for me to intuitively understand as I started using it and all the embedded videos and images on the websites I use to study for school have been fully functional when those sites are Whitelisted. I haven’t really played around with Blacklisting sites because Whitelisting has fit my needs so well. Of note, blocked apps are still somewhat functional... A good example of this is Spotify. If I block Spotify but have music playing before I do, the music continues to play. If I right-click the app, I can still skip tracks, play, pause from that quick menu. If click on iMessage, the message app flashed forward for a fraction of a second and may mark message read without me really reading them. Blocking apps doesn’t quit them, it just hides any program windows that you attempt to have forward on the screen. I like this. It doesn’t shut down anyting… just keeps me on task. I like the uplifting messages that appear when I try to load a blocked website. The ability to delete a scheduled focus session and default to a precept timeout makes playing with different configurations safe when you are first starting out. This app has a good mix of features but is still very basic and unintrusive. This app does not have premade lists of websites for you to import to your Blacklist, but blacklisting and whitelisting is so much more intuitive that I don’t think this is a huge drawback. TL:DR The fidelity of the app has been good. It is customizable enough and fairly intuitive to use. It works well if you are looking for an app to keep you from opening distracting apps and websites. Specifically, I am especially found of how functional Whitelisted websites are… that makes focusing my attention on a specific task very easy. My thanks to the programmer who made it.

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