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Developer: Salavat Khanov

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 1 day ago

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Block ads, trackers, and any annoying web content. Based on new lightning fast native Content Blocking API, it doesn’t slow down Safari and can't know which websites you visit. We are supported entirely by our users, there’s no “acceptable ads” program.


1Blocker is the fastest & most powerful Safari content blocker. With over 40 000 preinstalled blockers, it's highly configurable.

• Simply tap on any webpage element — like sidebar, site logo or subscription box — to hide it using our Safari extension.
• Quickly whitelist websites you love.
• All your blocking preferences are automatically synced over iCloud.
• Create your own custom blocker rules (hide page elements, block sites, and cookies).


1Blocker is a leading content blocker for iOS and macOS. It has been featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, and many more. What our customers say:

• “Does exactly what you want it to do, and the customer support is fantastic. Highly recommended.” — Blocky McBlockerson
• “The author put a lot of hard work into creating 1Blocker, and it really shows. I’m using it on both my Mac and my iPhone, and I’m very satisfied.” — Artiste212
• “If you’re on the fence about trying this adblocker I wholeheartedly recommend you give it a try! Definitely worth it!” — ChronicLynx


While most other extensions block content by filtering elements of already downloaded page, 1Blocker uses modern WebKit blocking technology to tell Safari in advance what should be blocked. This vastly improves efficiency and saves battery life.


1Blocker is not a VPN or proxy server, it can't see what web pages you visit and doesn't expose your privacy.

We are fully supported by our users — we don't make deals with advertisers or sell your data to publishers.


We love hearing from you! Send your feedback at @1BlockerApp on Twitter or email


Release Notes:

Hello again, dear customer! In this update, we're excited to finally release a new feature which makes blocking annoying content on websites really easy. Right in 1Blocker Safari extension, you can now simply tap on any page element — like sidebar, site logo or subscription box — to hide it.

Customizing your favorite websites has never been easier.

Moreover, there are a few subtle improvements throughout the app which make the experience of using 1Blocker so much better. For example, you can now search rules not only by their name, but also by domains to which they are applied.

As always, we've also updated our preinstalled blocker ruleset and fixed many common issues with popular websites. Here are a few examples:
- Links on Macworld can now be accessed as normal.
- Comments on Trello and Airbnb are no longer blocked.
- Email subscription links open correctly in Safari.

Important: please launch the app to apply new preinstalled rules.

We love hearing from you! Send your feedback at @1BlockerApp on Twitter.

If you enjoy browsing the web with 1Blocker, please take a moment to leave a review on the App Store. Previous ratings are tied to app versions, so every review really matters. Thank you for your continuous feedback and support.

P.S. We have many awesome features planned for future versions of the app, stay tuned!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.3
Review by itabmedia

iCloud Synch, Customization, Responsive Developer - This blocker has a lot going for it. My favorite feature is iCloud synch. Synchs all my rules and saves any changes I make across all devices. Compared to other content blockers, 1Blocker is pretty effective, it can be too aggressive though on some sites. If you take you’re time and whitelist here, and create some additional rules there, it works pretty nice. The only thing that is not user friendly is creating the rules. This is usually done via inspecting the element and creating you’re own rules. The developer is interested in creating a hide element selector to make creating rules easier, so I really hope that is released at some point. Also the developer is very nice and quick to respond. Just reach out to him on Twitter or via email. I reported some issues and they were fixed very soon after. At $4.99 this is a great value and I look foward to future updates. Well done!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.1
Review by Vulgar demos

Still not as good as the (free) alternatives - I tested this app using several notorious websites. So far: - 1Blocker is worse than the free extension Ghostery. - 1Blocker is worse than the free extension Adguard Adblocker. By “worse” I mean that it eliminated maybe 20% of the ads while the others, from what I can tell, eliminated 100%. So: worth the money? No, and probably not even worth installing if it were free. But hopefully we’ll see improvements over time. Let’s hope 1Blocker is using our money to advance its capabilities.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people